Federation of Austrian Industries: New Divisional Managers in "Education & Society" and "International Relations & Markets

PeopleOther ♦ Published: October 2, 2023; 23:54 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) has announced personnel changes in two of its core areas. Gudrun Feucht and Igor Sekardi join in senior positions, supported by their previous roles at IV and their extensive expertise in their respective areas.

The Federation of Austrian Industry, or Industriellenvereinigung (IV) for short, sees itself both as an interest group at Austrian and European level and as a service organization for its approximately 4,200 members. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Buchhändler [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is a key player in Austrian business and foreign policy, as it represents a large part of Austrian industry. Its significant role enables it to represent the interests of Austrian business at both the national and international levels. Through its broad membership base and international partnerships, the IV maintains dialogues and relations with other countries and industry associations and actively participates in shaping favorable trade conditions for its members.

In addition, the IV strengthens the country's diplomatic relations by working closely with embassies and consulates. It influences the foreign policy agenda, particularly in economic matters, and often acts as an advisor to the government on international economic policy issues. Through her in-depth expertise, she also serves as a valuable source of information for diplomatic institutions regarding market trends and investment opportunities in Austria.

Gudrun Feucht: New Head of Division for "Education & Society"

As of October 1, 2023, Mag. Gudrun Feucht, M.A., will take over as Head of the Education and Society Division. She succeeds Christian Friesl, who will now devote his time to conceptual projects in the IV General Secretariat.

Ms. Feucht, who studied law at the University of Vienna and European Studies at University College Dublin, has already had an impressive career at the Federation of Austrian Industries. She has been part of the organization since 2013 and has since been in charge of higher education and vocational training, among other issues.

IV Secretary General Christoph Neumayer praised Feucht as a "proven education expert" who will successfully represent the concerns of the industry.

Igor Sekardi: Division Manager for "International Relations & Markets

Mag. Igor Sekardi, MAIS, MBA, has already taken over the management of the International Relations & Markets Division on September 1. He succeeds Michael Löwy, who is moving to a position in the private sector.

Mr. Sekardi joined the Federation of Austrian Industries in 2013 and has worked particularly in the areas of trade policy and transatlantic relations. Before his time at IV, Mr. Sekardi held roles in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior.

Secretary General Neumayer took the opportunity to thank both Dr. Christian Friesl and Mag. Michael Löwy for their work to date and emphasized their significant influence on the development of Austrian industry. He wished them both every success in their future tasks.

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