Eurobarometer Survey: Growing EU Support in Austria

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A recent Eurobarometer survey reveals a remarkable trend: support and a positive image of the European Union (EU) have increased in Austria and across Europe. According to Martin Selmayr, Head of the European Commission Representation in Austria, the mood towards the EU in Austria is "better than often assumed."

Among Austrian respondents, 57% believe their votes count in the EU. / Picture: ©

The survey results show that the political priorities of the EU are meeting with increasing approval in Austria. Particularly noteworthy is the growing acceptance of a common EU defense and security policy, which is supported by 63% of respondents, as well as a common EU foreign policy, which receives 62% approval. In addition, 80% of Austrians are in favor of reducing dependence on Russian energy sources.

It is also interesting to note the improvement in the EU's image in Austria, where 38% of respondents have a positive image of the EU. At the same time, a growing majority of the Austrian population supports EU measures in response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, including economic sanctions, humanitarian aid, and the reception of war refugees.

The survey underlines the importance of European solidarity. Selmayr emphasizes that most Austrians are aware of the need to work together to overcome challenges such as energy supply, climate protection, and security.

There is also strong support for Ukraine at the EU level. Almost 90% of respondents are in favor of humanitarian aid and over 80% are in favor of taking in war refugees. In addition, 72% agree with the provision of financial support and economic sanctions against Russia.

Respondents see the war situation in Ukraine and migration policy as the most important challenges for the EU. The need for greater EU independence in energy matters and increased investment in renewable energies is also emphasized.

Looking ahead to the European elections in June 2024, 57% of respondents in Austria believe that their vote counts in the EU, an increase of 6 percentage points. This reflects a heightened awareness of the importance of European democracy.

The 100th Eurobarometer survey, conducted between October 23 and November 17, 2023, signals growing support and an improved image of the EU in Austria and beyond. These trends highlight citizens' growing realization of the importance of European unity and solidarity in a challenging global landscape.

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