Discussion on European Elections 2024 with Prominent Guests

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In Vienna, a significant event was held at the House of the European Union to kick off the 2024 European elections. Among the renowned speakers were Dr. Othmar Karas, First Vice President of the European Parliament, Dr. Thomas Zehetner from WWF, and Dr. Clemens Pig from the Austria Press Agency (APA). The discussion focused on four central topics: Democracy, Climate Protection, Digitalization, and Education. In parallel, the new initiative "gemeinsamfuer.eu" was presented.

There was a lively exchange during the discussion rounds on the topics of climate protection, digitization, democracy and lifelong learning. / Picture: © ©communications

Around 90 representatives from NGOs and NPOs were present to learn about the importance of the upcoming elections and the need to vote. Dr. Othmar Karas stressed that the election does not only concern Europe's role in the world but especially inter-European cooperation. "Europe can only be successful if we pull together," said Karas, who also recalled the longest period of peace in the history of Europe since the founding of the EU.

Dr. Thomas Zehetner of WWF made it clear that the European Union plays a decisive role in Austria's climate policy and warned against a step backward in climate protection. He called for the joint pursuit of climate goals to overcome the increasing resistance to climate protection measures. In addition, the "Green Deal" was highlighted as a positive vision for the future of Europe.

Dr. Igor Brusic from Open Fiber Austria advocated the expansion of fiber optic networks in Austria to ensure a nationwide and fast internet connection for all. He called for fiber optic networks to be recognized as critical infrastructures and pointed out that Austria has a lot of catching up to do compared to other European countries.

Dr. Clemens Pig addressed the danger of fake news in the context of the upcoming super elections in 2024 and emphasized the importance of source criticism and fact-checking. He drew attention to the fact that many news agencies worldwide are not independent.

Manuela Vollmann from ABZ Austria spoke in favor of lifelong learning and emphasized that education is essential for climate protection. She appealed to politicians, educational institutions, and companies to work together on a sustainable education policy.

Finally, the initiative "gemeinsamfuer.eu" was presented, which enables private individuals and associations to actively participate in European politics and to make a statement for democracy. Registration is now open and offers a platform for all those who want to get involved in the future of Europe.

Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Austria