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Direct Connection with Kabul - Afghan Kam Air Lands in Vienna

Published: September 16, 2010; 17:50 · (Vindobona)

The private Afghan airline Kam Air started with the direct flights Kabul-Vienna-Kabul.

Direct Connection with Kabul - Afghan Kam Air Lands in Vienna / Picture: © Kam Air

The private Afghan airline Kam Air inaugurates the direct flights Kabul-Vienna-Kabul.

Today, Thursday, the first aircraft landed at Vienna-Schwechat airport, coming from Kabul.

The route will be served twice a week (on Thursdays and Sundays). It will be flown with a Boeing 767-200.

Vienna is the first direct destination in Europe of Kam Air, founded in 2003.

Because of the short transfer times at the Vienna Airport, Kam Air foresees a considerable demand, especially in business travel, said Kam Air founder Zamari Kamgar.

About Kam Air

Kam Air is an airline headquartered in the Kabul Business Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and international services to the Middle East, Asian republics and from August 2010 also to Vienna. Its main base is Kabul International Airport. The airline was founded on 31 August 2003 by Zamarai M. Kamgar and was the first privately owned passenger airline in Afghanistan. Its first flight operated on 8 November 2003 between Kabul, Herat and Mazari Sharif with a Boeing 727. Kam Air's first plane was provided by General Abdul Rashid Dostum as payment for supplying Dostum’s army with fuel and food.


The Kam Air fleet consists of the following 5 aircraft: 1 x Antonov An-24, 1 x Boeing 737-200, 1 x Boeing 767-200, 1 x McDonnell Douglas MD-82, 1 x McDonnell Douglas MD-83.

Incidents and accidents:

- In September 2004, an Antonov An-24 operated by Kam Air slewed off the runway while landing at Kabul slightly injuring some of the 27 passengers aboard, but the plane was not damaged.
- On 3 February 2005, Kam Air Flight 904, a Boeing 737-200 operated by Phoenix Aviation, flying from Herat vanished from radar screens on approach to Kabul International Airport in poor weather, sparking a massive ANA search operation for the 96 passengers and eight crew. The wreckage of the plane was found on 5 February 2005 in the mountains east of Kabul, but all 104 people aboard had been killed.
- On 9 August 2009, a Kam Air plane bound for the Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport, China was refused permission to land and diverted to Kandahar, Afghanistan after an earlier alleged bomb threat. It was later revealed by Afghan authorities that the plane had not had the proper landing documents for landing.

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