Criticism of SPÖ Officials Concerning Belarus

PeoplePoliticians ♦ Published: August 25, 2020; 10:44 ♦ (Vindobona)

TV appearances in the Belarus state TV of two Austrians with close boundaries to the SPÖ led to an immense wave of criticism. One claims that the news coverage in Belarus is too European friendly. The other repeats a main propaganda message from Lukashenko's party.

Many Belarusians do not accept the election of President Lukashenko. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Ravaika Ruslan (CC BY-SA 4.0 )

A TV appearance of a SPÖ close member of the Austrian-Belarusian Association led to a wave of criticism. David Kainrat claimed that in the state TV interview that the media was covering the news in a western friendly way.

David Stockinger, the SPÖ leader in Schwechat and Vice President of the Austrian-Belarusian Association, also said that the social media is one of the biggest threats for youths. With this comment he is repeating a central message from the propaganda team of Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.

These comments were criticized immediately from other Austrian Parties.

Lopatka, the foreign policy speaker from the ÖVP is questioning "what understanding of democracy and freedom of expression prevails here" and he further says: "Moreover, we do not need anybody who continues to pour oil on the fire from outside. What is needed instead are internal negotiations and a de-escalation of the conflicts". He requests a clear statement from Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the SPÖ leader, concerning this topic.

Ernst-Dziedzic from the Grüne also criticizes: "The sympathies of some SPÖ functionaries and the SPÖ closest associates for real socialist conditions seem to outweigh democratic basic values and freedoms" and expects a clear statement from Rendi-Wagner too.

David Kainrat defends himself against the critisism and writes in an APA statement: "The excerpts of a longer interview broadcast by the Belarusian television station Belarus 1 correspond to my answers but are taken out of context in every respect". He also condemns violence and speaks out clearly for democracy and human rights.

Pamela Rendi-Wagner was yesterday confronted at the "Sommernachtsgespräche" at ORF2 with this topic. She said that the SPÖ is distancing itself clearly from these statements and that those opinions do not comply with the party's believes.