Controversy About Nowotny

People ♦ Published: June 21, 2012; 20:03 ♦ (Vindobona)

Ewald Nowotny, the governor Austrian Central Bank (OeNB) argued that the austerity policy in the 1930s caused the rise of the Nazi regime. A wave of indignation emerged.

Controversy About Nowotny / Picture: © Wikipedia / Christian Wirth (Wirthi)

Austria´s governor Ewald Nowtny caused more attention than he would like. This week, Nowotny stated that the austerity policy in the 1930 contributed to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Nowotny´s statment caused a massive media interest.

Nowotny´s comparison was interpreted as massive critique on the austerity policy of Germany´s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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