Nowotny: „Austria is Safe“

More+Comment ♦ Published: May 23, 2012; 19:08 ♦ (Vindobona)

The governor of Austria´s Central Bank (OeNB) Ewald Nowotny asserts that the economic stability in Austria is substantially better than in other regions of the Eurozone.

Nowotny: „Austria is Safe“ / Picture: © Wikipedia / Christian Wirth (Wirthi)

“We face difficult times at the moment.” the governor of OeNB states. In the last OECD report, the Eurozone is said to be a severe danger for the recovery of the global economy. The OECD warned of a vicious circle in Europe. The mix of austerity policies, public debt and weak banks would be dangerous. Nowotny admits that this situation leads to a “substantial degree of…