China Returnees: No Coronavirus in Vienna yet

Lifestyle & TravelHealth ♦ Published: February 4, 2020; 07:16 ♦ (Vindobona)

The first coronavirus test results (2019-nCoV PCR tests) of those seven Austrians who returned Sunday from the Chinese province of Hubei and were transferred directly to the Hygiene Centre Vienna are now available and all of them are negative.

First test results are available - all seven China returnees tested negative for coronavirus. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / ​English Wikipedia user Graham Beards [CC BY (]

For security reasons and to remove any suspicion of infection, the 14-day quarantine for the returnees remains in place.

Health Minister Anschober:

"The current test results of the returnees now give the all-clear.

This is positive news for everyone - especially for the affected people, of course.

However, we will continue to exercise the utmost attention and caution until even the last suspicion can be dispelled. I would like to stress that there is still no reason to panic and that we are facing the challenge with calm and prudence.

In Austria, the coronovirus has not yet been detected in a single case - 47 tests have so far all been negative.

However, we take the concerns of the population very seriously and keep them informed about national and international developments.

The necessary precautions in Austria have been taken and are very high, all the competent national and international authorities are well networked and organised."

Health City Councillor Peter Hacker:

"The supply chain in Vienna worked excellently and the cooperation between the emergency services and all the authorities involved was very well coordinated.

The sophisticated system for emergencies in Vienna worked perfectly. I am also pleased that the passengers remain passengers and have not become patients and that their health is good.

The seven people will now remain in quarantine for two weeks due to the incubation period of the virus disease and they will be contacted daily by the Vienna Health Department.

During these two weeks, several more swabs and examinations will be taken after a possible infection with the coronavirus."