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Bad Image for Tourism-Related Professions

Published: April 19, 2011; 13:51 · (Vindobona)

Austria's tourism industry workers are dissatisfied with their jobs because of relatively low pay and bad working conditions.

Bad Image for Tourism-Related Professions / Picture: © Vindobona.org

There is dissatisfaction among employees in the tourism industry. According to a study by the Vienna Chamber of Labour and the union, defining factor are irregular working hours, relatively low pay, weekend and night work and stress. Interviewed were 800 employees from restaurants and hotels; there is a total of 181,000 employees working in the industry.

The average income in tourism is about a quarter less than the average income in the other economic sectors. The engagement with the employing company is accordingly low, which means that tourism is increasingly seen as a transitional or flight industry.

"This trend will continue, unless something changes in conditions and wages", warns Rudolf Kaske, chairman of the vida union.

Relatively high unemployment is also to be added: 13% of the workforce was unemployed in the past 12 months. 32% of employees are thinking about changing jobs.

Tourism has a lot to offer to workers, but practical implementation often fails. There is a lack of modern professional trainers, continuing education and career opportunities at the companies. These are however necessary in order to be competitive with other industries. The chairman of vida appeals to the tourism industry, which often complains about lack of staff: "Those companies that value their employees, pay them fairly and provide good working conditions have no problem in find and keeping staff."

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