Austria's Graz Supports Lviv in Building an Artistic Library

Lifestyle & TravelCulture ♦ Published: January 16, 2024; 10:20 ♦ (Vindobona)

In a remarkable gesture of cultural cooperation, the Austrian city of Graz has agreed to support the Ukrainian city of Lviv in the construction of a new Artistic Library. This decision strengthens the already existing historical ties between the two cities and marks an important step in their cultural cooperation.

There are historical ties between Graz and the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. In the past, the two cities have repeatedly engaged in friendly cooperation. / Picture: © Stadt Graz/Foto Fischer

The Graz City Senate has unanimously decided to enter into a new project partnership with Lviv. The three-year cooperation includes the construction of the Art Library, a new cultural center in the old town of Lviv. The City of Graz will make a financial contribution of 75,000 euros to this project, and an agreement between the Mayor of Graz, Elke Kahr, and the Mayor of Lviv, Andrij Sadovyj, is imminent.

The partnership between Graz and Lviv will not only promote cultural exchange but also in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and world cultural heritage. Mayor Kahr emphasized the importance of this cooperation, especially because around 3,000 people from Ukraine who had to flee the Russian attack have found refuge in Graz and, for some, a new home. The deepening of cultural cooperation is seen as an essential addition to humanitarian support.

Deputy Mayor Judith Schwentner emphasized the commitment of the city of Graz as a human rights city, which shows solidarity and solidarity with the suffering people in Ukraine, especially in Lviv. She emphasized that this project sends an important signal of solidarity to offer the people in Lviv, who continue to suffer from the Russian war of aggression, a bit of normality and prospects for the future.

Daniela Schlüsselberger from the SPÖ also emphasized the importance of this project for solidarity with the people of Lviv. She mentioned that the people of Lviv, who live far away from the front line, continue to live in fear and terror of the Russian war of aggression and daily missile and bomb terror. The project aims to provide a little normality in these difficult times and offer prospects for the future.

The cities of Graz and Lviv are renewing their historic partnership by establishing an Artistic Library in Lviv. This partnership includes a cultural, architectural, and urban planning exchange as well as a commitment to the world's cultural heritage. This project is a sign of the solidarity and solidarity of Graz with the people affected by the war in Ukraine and helps to bring a little normality and hope amid the conflict.

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