Austrian FPÖ Demands Right to Appoint Austrian EU Commissioner

PeopleDiplomats ♦ Published: June 11, 2024; 16:17 ♦ (Vindobona)

Shortly after its triumphant success in the EU elections, the Freedom Party of Austria appears strong and confident. Now the FPÖ is emphatically demanding the right to appoint the Austrian EU Commissioner.

Two days after its success in the EU elections, the FPÖ is insisting on the right to appoint the EU Commissioner. / Picture: ©

Freedom Party Secretary General Christian Hafenecker sharply criticized the ÖVP, as reported by ORF. He questioned how a party that had suffered such a “crushing election defeat” could lay claim to this important post. “As the FPÖ emerged as the clear winner of this election, we have the right to appoint the EU Commissioner,” explained Hafenecker. He proposed Susanne Fürst as a candidate for the post of “Remigration Commissioner”, a term that will certainly lead to heated discussions.

The decision on the successor to Johannes Hahn as Austrian EU Commissioner lies with the federal government and must be confirmed by the main committee of the National Council. However, there is disagreement within the turquoise-green coalition. The Greens refused to stick to the original agreement with the ÖVP, which gave the People's Party the right to propose the Austrian EU Commissioner.

FPÖ ready for national elections

With a view to the upcoming National Council elections in the fall, the FPÖ believes it is well positioned for a three-way fight with the ÖVP and SPÖ. “Everyone wants to run against Herbert Kickl,” said FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz confidently. However, it must be a fair contest “from start to finish” in which the result is recognized. “Whoever comes first will be the chancellor,” Schnedlitz emphasized. The Freedom Party is currently leading in the polls.

The FPÖ is also demanding “justice” concerning the office of President of the National Council. Hafenecker referred to “adventurous rumors” according to which a Freedom Party National Council President would be prevented in the event of an FPÖ victory in the fall. “We must speak here”, he demanded. With this unwavering stance, the FPÖ wants to strengthen its position in Austrian politics further and is ready for the challenges ahead. Whether their demands can be met remains to be seen and depends on the political developments of the coming months.