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Austria: Rumors about Fekter Resigning as Finance Minister after Elections

Published: July 10, 2013; 17:50 · (Vindobona)

Will Fekter become President of the National Council after the elections? In government circles speculations are circling about Finance Minister Fekter quitting her post as after the national elections in September.

Austria: Rumors about Fekter Resigning as Finance Minister after Elections / Picture: © Wikipedia / World Economic Forum (Heinz Tesarek)

According to the latest rumors, Fekter could stay at the top of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) or become president of the National Council. However, Fekter left the questions about her person on the sidelines of the presentation of the economic report unanswered.

Fekter expressed hope that she will bear responsibilty for the Austrian government, if possible on the front lines. On the question if she was meant for the grand coalition or if she prefered a constellation with the Austrian Greens, Fekter said that on election day in September, the voters had to decide or decide upon a direction. She announced to wait for the election day until making further statements.

The Finance Minister assumes that the path of budget consolidation will be followed. She rejected the possible surchanges for provinces on individual taxes, like the corporation tax. “We would not dream of increasing the corporation tax,” she declared.

Together with Deputy Chancellor Michael Spindelegger she suggests to establish a “tax break” in order to avoid the constant introduction of new taxes in the course of the election campaign and to anchor it legally.

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