Anniversary of 160 Years of Romanian Diplomacy and 15 Years since Romania's Accession to the EU

More+Events ♦ Published: November 27, 2022; 19:39 ♦ (Vindobona)

On the occasion of the Romanian National Day, H.E. Emil Hurezeanu, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Austria, together with H.E. Stelian Stoian, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Romania to the International Organizations based in Vienna, hosted the reception. The reception on the occasion of the National Day of Romania took place in the premises of the Vienna Stock Exchange Halls.

On the occasion of the Romanian National Day, the Embassy of Romania in Vienna celebrated 160 years of Romanian diplomacy and 15 years since Romania joined the EU at the Vienna Stock Exchange. / Picture: © Romanian and Austrian crossed flags by Vindobona

At the beginning of the event, Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu addressed numerous guests with a welcoming speech, followed by the speech of Ambassador Stelian Stoian.

"This year we celebrate 160 years of Romanian diplomacy and 15 years since our country joined the European Union. I am glad that I am surrounded by so many Romanian*s, that we live in a Europe without borders and, that mobility of citizens is a matter of course," said Ambassador Hurezeanu.

After the official part, welcoming speeches and anthems of Romania, Austria and Europe played by the Romanian Military Orchestra, as well as the performance of a folklore group that drew attention to the traditions of Romania, a pleasant reception followed during which the Military Orchestra performed jazz songs, creating a great atmosphere in the ballroom of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Romania's diplomacy and Austria

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Republic of Austria happened 102 years ago. Diplomatic relations with the Republic of Austria were established on August 27, 1920, at the legation level, after the First World War. Relations were severed after the occupation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938. After World War II, official relations were restored on October 8, 1947, in the form of political representations. After the signing of the State Treaty with Austria, Romania recognized the sovereign Republic of Austria and on August 1, 1959, the political representations were transformed into legations. On 26 September 1963, the diplomatic representation was elevated to the rank of an embassy.

The cultural and economic relations between the two states, the common historical elements, the geographical proximity and the convergence of goals concerning regional stability have supported the continuous development of bilateral relations.

Fifteen years since Romania's accession to the EU were also celebrated. With the accession to the European Union, bilateral relations became more intense based on common regional interests and a highly developed economy and an investment component. This is demonstrated by the fact that Austria is the second largest foreign investor in Romania.

The excellent bilateral cooperation was highlighted during the successive presidencies of the EU Council held by Austria in the second half of 2018 and Romania in the first half of 2019 when the two countries closely cooperated to advance and strengthen the European project.

One of the most important joint projects in the field of European affairs is the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, a Romanian-Austrian initiative launched in 2008. This form of regional cooperation makes important contributions to the economic and social convergence of the Danube region and facilitates the interconnection of the participating states by improving mobility, as well as transport and energy corridors, bringing more environmental protection and social and economic development in the Danube region.

Embassy of Romania in Vienna