A-Tec: No Agreement Yet

CompaniesTechnology ♦ Published: November 8, 2010; 13:21 ♦ (Vindobona)

According to the boss of the Kreditorenschutzverbandes (KSV, Creditor Protection Association), Hans-Georg Kantner, there will still be no solution on today Monday. Negotiations are still underway.

A-Tec: No Agreement Yet / Picture: © A-Tec

The negotiations about continuing operation of the A-Tec subsidiary AE&E are currently in an intensive phase. AE&E, a Styrian industrial plant construction company which with 60% accounts for the major share of A-Tec group's sales. Therefore, survival of AE&E also means survival for Mirko Kovats’s insolvent A-Tec.

The fact that negotiations are still being held…