A-Tec Creditors: Minimum Rate Too Low

Businessn.a. ♦ Published: October 22, 2010; 16:37 ♦ (Vindobona)

While an early agreement with the banks seems imminent, the legal minimum quota offered to the creditors of the insolvent A-Tec group is not enough. Staff’s resentment is also being felt.

A-Tec Creditors: Minimum Rate Too Low / Picture: © A-Tec

After a prescribed interval of two days, the trade in A-Tec shares was resumed. However, this is no longer done on the prime market of the ATX, but on the standard market continuous. Shortly after the start of trading, the stock fell by around 65%. The decline has now leveled off at about 53%.

The issue is now the restructuring plan for the defaulting group. The creditor…