VÖIG: "In 2013 Retail Investors Continued to be Timid and Shy"

Published: June 14, 2014; 15:00 · (Vindobona)

From the viewpoint of retail investors the year 2013 could have been really easy: a mixed fund portfolio with an increased share portion and selected corporate and government bonds. In retrospect, 2013 proved to be almost free of financial market turbulences after years of global financial market and economic crises as well as the debt crisis in the euro area.

Rupar: "In 2013 Retail Investors Continued to be Timid and Shy" / Picture: © Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentgesellschaften (VÖIG)

Still, there were some explosive issues on the markets: just think of the Cyprus crisis in March, followed by the bailout of the country, involving for the first time creditors of the Cypriot banks. Also, the showdown between Democrats and Republicans when warding off the so-called fiscal cliff raised alarms with investors. But in the end the German stock exchange saying “political…

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