Vienna Stock Exchange: Focus on International Investors and Sustainability

OrganizationsOther ♦ Published: August 21, 2023; 10:18 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Vienna Stock Exchange continues its course of attracting international investors while promoting sustainable investment opportunities. A recently published study on the ownership structure of institutional free float in the ATX Prime, conducted every two years by S&P Global Market Intelligence (formerly IHS Markit) on behalf of the Vienna Stock Exchange, shows that international institutional investors continue to play a major role.

As the central infrastructure provider in the region, the Vienna Stock Exchange opens doors to the global financial markets. / Picture: © Wiener Börse AG / VSE Vienna Stock Exchange

These include renowned fund companies and sovereign wealth funds, which account for a significant proportion of the free float held by institutions. The current results underpin this fact, as 90.9% of the institutional free float is held by major international investors.

Of particular note is the dominance of U.S. investors, who have increased their share of the total to 32.7%, compared to 28.4% in 2020. Similarly, U.K. institutional investors have increased their share, rising to 19.8%, compared to 15.7% in 2020. As a result, Austrian institutional investors have reduced their share and now stand at 9.1%, compared to 16.6% in 2020. These shifts underscore the attractiveness of the Vienna Stock Exchange to international investors and the growing recognition it enjoys in the global investment community.

Wiener Börse AG plays a crucial role in the visibility of Austrian issuers at the international level. Through its conference program, it enables domestic companies to present themselves at major financial centers such as New York or London. This not only strengthens the confidence of international investors in the Austrian market but also promotes exchange and cooperation between different financial markets.

In parallel, the Vienna Stock Exchange is also increasingly focusing on sustainable forms of financing. The Vienna ESG Segment, which was launched in May 2022, recently recorded its hundredth green bond. The segment combines sustainable bonds under high transparency criteria and has almost doubled the number of ESG bonds since its launch. Issuers in the Vienna ESG segment have already raised around EUR 20 billion for sustainable projects and transformations that help address global environmental, social, and governance challenges.

The Vienna Stock Exchange thus acts not only as a trading venue but also as a driver for sustainable change in the financial world. This is reflected not only in the increasing number of ESG bonds but also in the growing recognition of the Vienna Stock Exchange as a platform for companies that commit to complying with ESG standards. The importance of the Vienna Stock Exchange extends beyond its function as a trading venue and underlines its role as a partner for companies, investors, and the entire financial community.

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