Vienna Mutfluencer Project: An Example of European Solidarity Awarded the Citizens' Prize

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In a time of global challenges, the Viennese social project "Mutfluencer*innen" has received significant recognition for its commitment by being awarded the European Citizen's Prize 2023. The initiative, which was launched in the summer of 2021, aims to empower young people - especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds - to face the challenges of crises, isolation, and fears for the future.

The award ceremony was attended by Vice President Regner and MEP Vana in Vienna. / Picture: © Verbindungsbüro des Europäischen Parlaments/APA-Fotoservice/Reither

The award ceremony took place at the House of the European Union in Vienna, with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Evelyn Regner, and MEP Monika Vana expressing their support and admiration for the project. Regner praised the "Mutfluencers" as a source of inspiration for European democracy and mutual encouragement in challenging times. Vana emphasized the importance of the EU recognizing and supporting social projects.

The project, a cooperation between Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna, ABZ Austria, Teach for Austria, and Young Caritas, supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs, has set itself the task of offering young people a space for innovation and participation and actively helping to shape social change. Around 9,000 young people have already been reached through workshops and events.

Despite the success and recognition of the European Citizens' Prize, the future funding of the project remains uncertain. However, those involved hope that the award will help to secure the necessary support to continue this important work.

The European Citizens' Prize, which has been awarded by the European Parliament since 2008, recognizes up to 50 projects each year that promote EU values, strengthen the European spirit, and contribute to mutual understanding within the Union. The "Mutfluencers" thus symbolize the potential and necessity of youth engagement in times of crisis, and the recognition underlines the importance of such initiatives for a more united Europe.

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