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„The World is Close to an Enormous Conflict“

Published: March 2, 2014; 22:42 · (Vindobona)

Poland´s Prime Minister Donald Tusk is highly concerned about the developments in Ukraine. Tusk warned insistently of an escalation of the conflict, which might entail “unforeseeable consequences”.

„The World is Close to an Enormous Conflict“ / Picture: © Wikipedia / Gnesener1900

The Polish public is discussing the situation in the neighbor country heatedly. No other EU member country is more interested in the developments in Ukraine. What is more, no other EU member country is more critical to Russia than Poland. It is therefore no wonder that most Poles think that Brussels is acting too cautiously.

Because of the dramatic events in Ukraine, the Polish government held an emergency session today. The Polish government fears that the situation may escalate completely. The worst case scenario, which would involve a war in Ukraine, is everything but unrealistic.

In the forefront of the session, Tusk said that the U.S. and Europe should put more pressure on Russia. “We cannot tolerate such an act of aggression.” Tusk said. According to Polish media reports, the Polish government and the opposition parties agreed not to disclose any details on the meeting.

The world is on the verge of an escalating conflict, Poland´s Prime Minister Donald Tusk noted in an address to the Polish people. Such a conflict would entail enormous and unforeseeable consequences, Tusk added. According to Tusk, the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine will be path-breaking for the next decades. Tusk categorically rejects any military interventions in the neighbor country.

Poland´s President Bronislaw Komorowski underlined that Poland feels threatened by extremely tense situation in Ukraine. Korowski insistently warned of a use of force on the Ukrainian territory.