The Western Balkans Remain a Priority of Austrian Foreign Policy

Diplomacy ♦ Published: February 28, 2018; 20:20 ♦ (Vindobona)

Because of a common history and the tradition of political, cultural and economic relations, Austrian foreign policy has always attached particular importance to the Western Balkans. The primary goal of Austrian foreign policy is to support the transformation of the Western Balkans area into a zone of stability. From the Austrian perspective there is only one option for the Western Balkans: a full European integration of the region. However, the political commitment from the regions' leaders is expected.

Factsheet - The economic potential of the Autria's relations with the Western Balkans / Picture: © EC European Commission

In terms of the Enlargement Policy of the European Union, the “Western Balkans” covers the states of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

This also presents the best incentive for the countries of the Western Balkans to speed up their respective national reform process. These countries can thus themselves determine the pace of EU…