The Concert House Plans 110 Concerts until November

More+Events ♦ Published: August 28, 2020; 08:22 ♦ (Vindobona)

Very good news for the fans of classical music. The Vienna Concert House is planning to give 110 indoor concerts until the end of October. Due to the Coronavirus they are played with new strategies and strict regulations to keep everyone safe.

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra starts playing again indoor concerts. / Picture: © Flickr / Franz Johann Morgenbesser (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Vienna Symphony is starting the new season in the Vienna Concert House which was planned very carefully in order to comply with any Coronavirus regulations.

Intendant Matthias Naske says: "What is most important is that we simply learn to keep a little more distance today than we are used to culturally - in combination with ventilation, which indeed works excellently in this building, these are measures that make us certain that we are not exposed to any danger here".

The compulsory break led to a financial loss for the Orchestra. The Bregenz Festivals were the biggest events which were cancelled.

"This led to the fact that we had to be very flexible in postponing our vacation time. We will now use the time to implement new projects," said Thomas Schindl, Chief Executive Officer of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Now the musicians have to keep more distance to each other, and everyone has their own music stand. In order to comply with the organizers' regulations, the musicians and the Concert House team will be tested before every concert.

As less audience is allowed the Vienna Concert House announced to give concerts more often so more people have the possibility to listen to them.

"Of course, this is only possible with the good will of the musicians who are willing to do so" says Naske.

According to Naske, the previous season was very good until March. With consistent actions, it was later tried to keep the loss at a minimum. Now it is possible to increase the revenue again and to provide fans with 110 concerts until November.