Telekom Srbija: Sale is Resisted

Politics ♦ Published: November 11, 2010; 13:34 ♦ (Vindobona)

The partially for sale Telekom Srbija which Telekom Austria is said to be interested in, raises passions in Serbia. Opposition to the sale is taking shape.

Telekom Srbija: Sale is Resisted / Picture: © Telekom Srbija

In October it was announced that a 51% stake of the Serbian Telekom (Telekom Srbija) would be sold. The telecom provider is property of the state in Serbia. An entry of Telekom Austria is conceivable.

Serbian media are now quoting the President of the Serbian Anti-Corruption Council, Verica Barac. The sale of Telecom is not in the interests of the Serb population. Brac…