Strabag and Alpine Suspected of Cartelization

Published: November 3, 2010; 14:23 · (Vindobona)

Damages for 2 billion euro (2.8 billion dollars) are said to be the result of forming a construction cartel for motorway construction in Slovenia.

Strabag and Alpine Suspected of Cartelization / Picture: ©

Austrian companies could also be involved in this illegal price-fixing agreements. The Slovenian Competition Authority is now widening inquiries to include Strabag SE and Alpine.

Sources from Alpine say that no agreement is known of, for which reason comments are not possible. Strabag says that  the whole Slovenian construction industry is affected. As Strabag has been operating since the 1990s in Slovenia, it is affected by the investigation. The issue is not just about motorways, but also road and high-rise construction.

The investigations relate to work contracts dating back as far as 1998. The allegation is that the respective best bidders demanded too high a price. The total damage since then is estimated at two billion euro. Other sources talk of damages up to 4.5 billion euro (6.31 billion dollars).

The potential fine is equivalent of about 10% of the year's turnover. But the damages would not be covered by far with this amount as only 130 million euro maximum would go to the State.