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Slovenia Issues Treasury Bills

Published: December 12, 2013; 12:01 · (Vindobona)

On Wednesday Slovenia issued a treasury bill with a maturity of three and a half years in the amount of € 45m. The measure was part of the budget liquidity operation.

Slovenia Issues Treasury Bills / Picture: © LJSE Ljubljana Stock Exchange

According to a statement released by the Slovenian Finance Ministry, demand slightly exeeded supply. As part of the auction, which is held today, the Finance Ministry offered up to € 60m in treasury bills and in return received offers worth € 78.8m. The authority decided to accept € 29m in offers for three-month bills and € 16.25m in offers for six-month bills.

The nominal interest rate on the three-month bills comes at 0.39 percent while the rate on six month bills will come at 1.41 percent, according to the ministry. The bills will be listed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) on Friday.