Saving the Historical Habsburg Clothing Brand

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The insolvency of the renowned Salzburg-based clothing manufacturer Habsburg in May came as a shock to lovers of the fine label of down-to-earth solidity. Two experienced entrepreneurs from the fashion and lifestyle industry have made the rescue of Habsburg their personal affair of the heart and have thus committed themselves to the continuation of the brand.

Michael Rumerstorfer (l.) and Markus Meindl (r.) continue to manage the traditional Habsburg brand. / Picture: © Habsburg/Schnabl

The successful German textile entrepreneur Markus Meindl and the internationally experienced retail expert Michael Rumerstorfer from Salzburg, who had held board positions for many years, found it unacceptable that a fashion brand like Habsburg could disappear from the market due to economic difficulties. The two joined forces and committed themselves to the future of the traditional brand by acquiring the assets as part of the insolvency proceedings.

Markus Meindl explains, "Habsburg has great intersections with Meindl. That is why we decided to take over Habsburg. The past weeks were characterized by dynamic negotiations, which were successfully concluded yesterday with the purchase." As a fashion and traditional costume expert, he sees a strong connection between Meindl and Habsburg. Michael Rumerstorfer, who has made a name for himself as a top manager in large companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry, is the perfect partner for a successful future for Habsburg.

Michael Rumerstorfer says: "When I heard about Habsburg's difficult situation, it was immediately clear to me: I want to contribute my many years of expertise and experience in the retail industry to this brand. Together with Markus, who has been enormously successful in a similar segment with his fashion company in Germany since 1683, we will lead Habsburg back to where the brand belongs with a clear strategy and a lot of heart and soul."

The existing jobs are largely secured, and in the long term, the Austrian heritage brand with all its tradition is to be preserved, internationalized, and further developed. The many years of experience in the industry and the friendly partnership of the new Habsburg owners form a solid basis for the sustainable further development of the company. Currently, a partner is still being sought for a positive future scenario for the insolvent Schneiders brand, whose assets were also taken over from the insolvency proceedings.

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