Oskar Deutsch Reelected as President of Vienna Israelite Community

PeopleOther ♦ Published: January 11, 2023; 23:11 ♦ (Vindobona)

At the constituent meeting of the Board of the Vienna Israelite Community, Oskar Deutsch was re-elected as President and confirmed Michael Galibov and Claudia Prutscher as Vice Presidents.

The Presidium of the IKG Vienna: Vice President Claudia Prutscher, President Oskar Deutsch, Vice President Michael Galibov (f.l.t.r.). / Picture: © IKG/Pawloff

The Board of the Jewish Community of Vienna has constituted itself through the election of its President and Vice-President. In the constituent meeting, 23 mandataries elected the presidium. One mandatary was prevented from attending due to illness.

The Presidium is composed of the re-elected President Oskar Deutsch (ATID), the new Vice-President Michael Galibov (Association of Bukharian Jews) and the re-elected Vice-President Claudia Prutscher (ATID).

The re-elected Oskar Deutsch received 22 out of 23 votes (95.7%) and was thus able to hold his ground. Deutsch thus remains president of the Vienna Israelite Community. Also, Claudia Prutscher who was the first female vice president in the presidium of the organization and was elected in 2017, was re-elected this year.

In the course of the constituent meeting, about 200 honorary members from all areas of the community were delegated to more than 20 commissions and committees of the IKG Vienna and its institutions.

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