ÖBB to Become Privatized?

People ♦ Published: September 8, 2012; 19:14 ♦ (Vindobona)

In the summer talks of Austria´s public broadcaster ORF, Vice Chancellor commented that the founder of Magna Frank Stronach should acquire ÖBB (Austrian Railways). A highly controversial debate has begun.

ÖBB to Become Privatized? / Picture: © Team Stronach / Press Photo

The chairman of the governing ÖVP (Austrian People´s Party) and Vice Chancellor recently said that Frank Stronach, who announced to found a new party in Austria, should acquire ÖBB. This would be better for Austria than a new party, he said. Many observers perceived Spindelegger´s statement as ironic.

However, after Stronach said to be willing to take over ÖBB, the debate…