Love, Respect and Solidarity: "Diplomats for Equality" and "" Support Vienna Pride 2018

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The festival "Vienna Pride" is a two-week event of the LGBTI community with the highlight of the Vienna Pride March (Rainbow Parade) on 16 June 2018 and intends to promote human rights for everybody and achieve equality for LGBTI persons. More than 30 Vienna-based embassies and diplomatic missions have come together under the banner "Diplomats for Equality" to support this initiative. also supports a worldwide non-discriminatory society.

Diplomats for Equality: "Only through a unified global voive, we can tackle discrimination and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms." / Picture: © Diplomats for Equality

What is "Diplomats for Equality" and who is behind it?

Last year, more than 100 representatives of 30 embassies, delegations, permanent missions and international organizations, based in Vienna, joined the initiative "Diplomats for Equality".

They commit to work together to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for everybody, to achieve…