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Love, Respect and Solidarity: "Diplomats for Equality" and "" Support Vienna Pride 2018

Published: May 31, 2018; 16:30 · (Vindobona)

The festival "Vienna Pride" is a two-week event of the LGBTI community with the highlight of the Vienna Pride March (Rainbow Parade) on 16 June 2018 and intends to promote human rights for everybody and achieve equality for LGBTI persons. More than 30 Vienna-based embassies and diplomatic missions have come together under the banner "Diplomats for Equality" to support this initiative. also supports a worldwide non-discriminatory society.

Diplomats for Equality: "Only through a unified global voive, we can tackle discrimination and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms." / Picture: © Diplomats for Equality

What is "Diplomats for Equality" and who is behind it?

Last year, more than 100 representatives of 30 embassies, delegations, permanent missions and international organizations, based in Vienna, joined the initiative "Diplomats for Equality".

They commit to work together to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for everybody, to achieve equality for LGBTI persons and denounce instances of discrimination and/or persecution of LGBTI persons globally.

As governments and international organizations, the initiative believes that education, awareness raising and dialogue are key tools in overcoming stereotypes and prejudice against LGBTI persons. However, more can still be done to address ongoing and unacceptable instances of discrimination and/or persecution of LGBTI persons. This includes hate-motivated violence, arbitrary arrest and the application of the death penalty. More than 70 countries still criminalize same-sex conduct between consenting adults. The initiative commits to continue the work, including in the UN, the OSCE and the EU, to promote respect and non-discrimination against LGBTI persons.

What is Vienna Pride?

Vienna Pride is a two-week festival taking place from 2 to 17 June 2018 under the motto "Love, Respect and Solidarity". Vienna Pride stretches colorfully and loudly all over Vienna - from the Prater to Schönbrunn. Numerous parties, art and information events, for the first time the Pride Run 2018, live performances and the final rainbow parade will set a visible sign for acceptance and against exclusion of LSBTIQ persons. From 12 to 16 June, the Pride Village in front of the beautiful backdrop of the Vienna City Hall will be the centre of activity.

What's the Rainbow Parade?

The Rainbow Parade is a political demonstration and a colourful parade that is held annually in Vienna on the Ringstrasse. It is the crowning glory of the Vienna Pride Festival and will take place in 2018 on 16 June. 

The first rainbow parade took place on 29 June 1996, organised by the Austrian Lesbian and Gay Forum (ALGF) / Österreichisches Lesben- und Schwulenforum (ÖLSF).

It promotes equal rights for gays and lesbians and thus corresponds to what is known in Germany as Christopher Street Day. This parade is the most important event of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement in Austria.

2018 will see the 23rd Rainbow Parade on Vienna's Ringstrasse. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, heterosexuals, trans-, cis-, inter- and queer persons will demonstrate together for a non-discriminatory society in Austria and the whole world.

The parade starts at 2 pm on the level of the town hall square, where the warm-up takes place in the Pride Village from 10 am. The parade will move against the direction of travel once around the ring and quay back to Pride Village, where the celebration will take place with speeches by activists and politicians as well as the awarding of the best parade contributions. Local and international acts will provide entertainment on a large stage.

Who is the Organizer of the Vienna Pride?

Viena Pride is organized by Stonewall GmbH, a company of the HOSI (Homosexual Initiative) Vienna. By their own statement, this is a non-profit GmbH of the LSBTIQ community. The purpose of the company is to organize Pride activities such as the Vienna Pride event and the EuroPride Vienna 2019, which will take place in 2019 and is part of the EuroPride event series.

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