Leadership of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria Becomes More Female

PeopleOther ♦ Published: June 26, 2022; 15:06 ♦ (Vindobona)

The leadership of the Islamic Religious Community of Austria (IGGÖ) is becoming more female. With the social-care assistant Mashaer Ali Hamad, four of the 15 members of the highest administrative body, the Supreme Council, will be women in the future.

Ümit Vural is committed to empowering women in the IGGÖ. / Picture: © Flickr / Figlhaus Wien Akademie für Dialog und Evangelisation / [CC BY-SA 2.0(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)]

IGGÖ President Ümit Vural had already promised at the beginning of his term of office to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions in the IGGÖ. For President Vural, empowering women is a crucial issue for the future of the Muslim community.

President Vural said regarding the election of Ms. Ali Hamad, hoping this step will help "to be a voice and role model for Muslim women." Part of the promised reform path is the systematic strengthening of Muslim women in the IGGÖ. Thus, according to the IGGÖ, the organization wants to develop a role model effect for the Muslim communities in Austria.

"I thank you for the confidence placed in me and look forward to working in the highest administrative body of the IGGÖ," said Ms. Ali Hamad about her election.

Mashaer Ali Hamad is an economist and social assistant at the integration and women's project "Neighbors in Vienna", which helps immigrant women to integrate into Austrian society.

According to the IGGÖ, the election of Ali Hamad, who was appointed by the Arab religious community, is also a clear sign that the religious community has overcome the challenges of the past and is now an important part of the bigger picture.

Within the IGGÖ, other important key positions would also be held by women. These include, for example, the general secretariat of the Shura Council, the education office, the management of the presidential office, and the management of the IGGÖ's Islamic College for Social Education. The position of women in the Islamic Religious Community of Austria is to be strengthened.