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Hungary: Poverty Grows Dramatically

Published: January 16, 2013; 19:23 · (Vindobona)

More than 33% of Hungary´s citizens are at risk of poverty. Among the EU countries, Hungary ranks fifth.

Hungary: Poverty Grows Dramatically / Picture: © Vindobona.org

A substantial part of Hungary´s population suffers from manifest poverty. According to the Employment and Social Situation Yearly Review 2012, poverty is a big issue in Hungary. In the EU, 24% of the citizens are at risk of poverty. Hungary´s poverty rate comes at 33%, which is the fifth-highest rate in the EU. Only Bulgaria (49.1%) Romania (40.3%), Latvia (40.1%) and Lithuania (33.4%) register more people at risk of poverty.

Regarding the employment situation, Hungary is in the middle field. The average unemployment rate in the EU comes at 10.7%. The Hungarian unemployment quota has reached 11% at the end of last year.