European Theatre Night 2022 in Austria

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For the 12th time this year, in parallel with other European countries, the "European Theater Night" will be held again in Austria on Saturday, November 19. After two years of corona-related restrictions, the event will be continued again this year with more than 50 program points in Austria.

The participating theaters/ensembles/cultural initiatives are completely free to design their program offerings. / Picture: © Raimund Theater - Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (VBW)

The event was launched in Croatia in 2009 and aims to strengthen the bond between theater and audience. It is based on the vision that on the third Saturday in November, all theaters in Europe will celebrate with their audiences in the most accessible way possible and invite new audiences to attend. Professional institutions as well as non-professional theaters are involved.

There will be more than 50 programs throughout the country this year as part of the event. Performances of all genres, workshops, readings, backstage tours, and more can be found. All events are themed "Pay As You Wish" - admission price is free.

In 2019, the London-based research institute "The Audience Agency", which specializes in culture, conducted an EU study to investigate the potential of the theater night and found the following: the European Theater Night promotes the culture behind theater visits.

Potential visitors become curious about theater, motivated to see something new and visit new venues, and even motivates people to visit who have never set foot in an institution before.

For all those interested in culture, a web talk on "Corona and Audiences" will be offered on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the London Audience Agency has surveyed over 30,000 visitors of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds about their attitudes toward cultural attendance.

The Talk will present the results of the most recent wave of surveys conducted in Fall 22. The London study designers will be available to answer questions about their findings and suggestions.

Registrations for the talk can be made here!

Program info for Vienna and other Austrian federal states can be found here!

European Theatre Night