Cultural Diplomacy: Viennese Ladder to Heaven Will Shine in Münster, Germany

Lifestyle & TravelCulture ♦ Published: September 4, 2022; 20:25 ♦ (Vindobona)

As already announced by the Austrian Ambassador in Berlin, Michael Linhart, on Twitter, the art installation by Billi Thanner known as Ladder to Heaven (Himmelsleiter) is now on display in Münster in Germany.

The "ladder to heaven" or "Himmelsleiter" will now shine from the top of the St. Lamberti Church in Münster, Germany. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons; Florian Adler, CC BY-SA 3.0

The artwork by Billi Thanner can now be seen in Germany, more precisely in Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia.

As reported, the art installation "Himmelsleiter" (German for "ladder to heaven") is a proverbial ladder to heaven that was admired in and around St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. The artwork is now in Muenster in Germany.

The original installation consisted of two parts. One ladder stood inside the St. Stephen's Cathedral - 18 meters high with 21 rungs - and another at the southern tip of the south tower - 36 meters high with 33 rungs. Similarly, both parts were also exhibited in the Lamberti Church in Münster. One piece was installed in the interior of the church by Billi Thanner, the other piece was installed on the tower of St. Lamberti by specialized climbers.

The first inauguration in Muenster was also attended by Michael Linhart, the Austrian ambassador to Germany. The project was made possible by the Austrian Foreign Ministry and is part of the cultural diplomacy between Germany and Austria.

During Linthart's visit to Muenster and conversation with the Lord Mayor of Muenster Markus Lewe about the ladder to heaven, the Austrian ambassador also signed the Golden Book of Muenster. The ambassador explained Muenster "is a cultural stronghold, where history breathes and lives with culture and future! "

More information on the Ladder to Heaven can be found here (German only).