Covid-19 in Austria: Austrian Green Passport Fully Operational

Lifestyle & TravelHealth ♦ Published: June 21, 2021; 08:45 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian Green Passport is fully functioning and ready for the EU-wide solution in July. Now, the EU-compliant QR codes for proof of vaccination, testing or recovery can be accessed and showed when necessary.

The Austrian Green Passport is fully operational and already compliant with EU regulations. / Picture: © Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

In addition to certificates of Covid-19 tests and recovery from a Covid-19 infection, it is now also possible to create and retrieve vaccination certificates with EU-compliant QR codes via

Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein had previously assumed that full operation of the system would need more time due to the complexity of the matter, but fortunately all three proofs can now be accessed.

To create and retrieve the EU-compliant QR codes for proof of vaccination, testing or recovery, one must log on to via electronic signature or citizen card. As an additional service, according to the Health Ministry, all those who are fully immunized by the end of June will receive a printout of the vaccination certificate by mail. In the course of this week, it will also be possible to print out the vaccination certificate in pharmacies or general practitioners' offices.

Parent-Child Vaccinations in Vienna

In the meantime, Vienna has started to allow for registration of parent-child vaccinations. Parents can now register their children for a vaccination appointment at and register themselves at the same time. The first appointments are available from Friday at the Austria Center and vaccination is carried out with the vaccine from BionTech/Pfizer.

Currently, almost 7 million Covid-19 vaccines have been administered to around 4.4 million Austrians or people living in Austria.

Austrian Ministry of Health