Chancellor Sticks to Dismissal of Interior Minister - FPÖ Ministers Exit Government

PeoplePoliticians ♦ Published: May 20, 2019; 20:23 ♦ (Vindobona)

Government crisis. Chancellor Kurz sticks to dismissal of interior minister. Right-wing populist FPÖ ministers leave government.

The previous Austrian federal government in better times. Mauerbach government retreat in May 2018. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Dragan Tatic

All four FPÖ ministers have announced their intention to leave the government, thus responding to Chancellor Kurz's demand to dismiss Interior Minister Kickl. Kickl also wants to defend himself.

Because of the expected dismissal of FPÖ Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, the FPÖ wants to withdraw all ministers from the government as announced.

After Chancellor Sebastian…