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Austria: Tyrolean Administration to Be Relocated

Published: March 28, 2013; 09:33 · (Vindobona)

Austrian Airlines is about to relocate Tyrolean’s administration to Vienna along with new managing director Klaus Froese. Around 100 of the total of 400 staff members working in Innsbruck are concerned.

Austria: Tyrolean Administration to Be Relocated / Picture: © Tyrolean Airlines

About 100 employees, that is one fourth of the personnel in the province of Tyrol, are affected. The reason behind the administration having to move to Vienna is measures in reducing costs and is now causing uproar in the mountainous region. Last year Austrian Airlines took over the loss-making airline which was the main act for the reorganization. Now, in order to avoid pointless duplication or overlap in work the management will be moved to Vienna.

The latest step in restructuring measures exeed the rationalization and concentration methods made so far. The austerity measures are supposed to save the company € 10m. In order to achieve this target 150 positions were made redundant and the operation center had to be concentrated in Vienna while the flight administration was able to stay in Innsbruck. Now crew and traffic management have to move to Vienna altogether. Tyrolean technical support and aircraft maintenance, crew base and the call center will remain in Innsbruck. Froese argues that most of the employees would work “in the air” anyways, either in Innsbruck or Vienna. It would only be logical to move the management to Vienna. At the end of 2012, the Austrian Airlines had 6,236 employees whereas 400 of them were working in Innsbruck.

The concerned employees will be offered to move to Vienna. For those who do decline this suggestion a social plan will be proposed. To the employees in Tyrol, the restructuring measures do not come as a full surprise, however.