Austria Supports Women From Ukraine With Their Integration Into Austrian Working Life

PeopleOther ♦ Published: June 7, 2022; 22:36 ♦ (Vindobona)

The 100 Women - 100 Opportunities program supports Ukrainian women with their integration into the Austrian labor market. This New COMPASS Support Program was initiated by Austrian Federal Minister for Women, Family, Youth and Integration Susanne Raab, the Austrian Integration Fund, LEA and private businesses.

Integration Minister Susanne Raab welcomes this project to support immigrant women. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Christoper Dunker

The program focuses on supporting immigrant women and their qualifications to integrate them into the Austrian labor market.

Because of the war in Ukraine and the fact that Austria is classically a country of immigration, one would like this program to support the career entry and establishment of a professional network, especially for women from Ukraine.

This new program is called "Compass - 100 Women, 100 Opportunities. Career Paths for Immigrant Women" and was initiated by the Austrian Federal Minister for Women, Family, Youth and Integration, Susanne Raab, the Austrian Integration Fund (AIF), Austrian Fund for the Empowerment and Promotion of Women and Girls (LEA) and private businesses.

Around 64,000 women immigrated to Austria in 2021 and many of them bring valuable education and qualifications that are needed on the Austrian labor market.

Politicians, civil society and private businesses as described have also recognized this and would like to promote and support these talents.

However, many people have problems integrating into the Austrian labor market. Women in particular face special challenges. A lack of knowledge of the Austrian labor market and a lack of professional networks make it difficult for many well-educated women to find appropriate employment in Austria.

In the new program "Compass - 100 Women, 100 Opportunities. Career Paths for Immigrant Women", participants are supported for six months by experts in identifying and taking advantage of their opportunities in the Austrian labor market.

The immigrant women receive application training and individual coaching and take part in seminars. Renowned companies support the program and offer opportunities to gain experience in the Austrian labor market and establish contacts and networks through company visits, job interviews or internships.

The program is accompanied by measures to build a professional network. Companies from various industries such as Post AG, ÖBB,, Ikea, Verbund, Verkehrsbüro, McDonald's, the Federal Computing Center (BRZ) and introduce themselves and offer the opportunity for internships and job interviews.

Integration Minister Susanne Raab welcomes this project and stated "It is a matter close to my heart to strengthen and promote women with a migration background and to support them in using the qualifications and potential they have brought with them and in finding their way in Austria. Such programs as COMPASS are also a great opportunity for displaced women from Ukraine. I would like to thank all participating companies as well as experts who support the women in the program!"

Participation is open to women aged 18 and over who have come to Austria as migrants or refugees.

Prerequisites for participation are a higher educational qualification (apprenticeship, Matura, university degree), a good command of German or English, and free access to the Austrian labor market.

Applications will be accepted until 30.06.2022. The program is offered free of charge nationwide.

Due to the current developments in Ukraine, a special focus is placed on women from Ukraine.

This program seems to be a symptomatic part of Austria's current efforts to make the Austrian labor market attractive to foreigners. The aim is to simplify the integration of qualified specialists to be attractive in global competition.

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