Austria: Calls for More Competence in Real Estate Management Become Louder

People ♦ Published: May 5, 2014; 14:53 ♦ (Vindobona)

Stock Exchange Guru Alexander Proschofsky and real estate expert Peter Hohlbein are fighting for a seat at Conwert’s administrative board. Proschofsky has been criticizing the strategy of the listed Austrian real estate company.

Conwert has been focusing on real estate purchases in Germany. / Picture: © Conwert

The head of Cube Invest pointed out that Conwert has not acquired any new portfolios on the Vienna apartment building market. Instead, it has been selling old buildings and only purchased tenement apartments in Germany. According to Proschofsky, however, there was a “lot of potential” in the apartment building market in Vienna. He stressed that the future of Conwert had to be in…