Austria Backs Microelectronics: Three billion Euros Investment and AT&S Lighthouse Project

PeopleOther ♦ Published: November 2, 2023; 22:29 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian government has made a firm commitment to support the microelectronics industry with three billion euros of investment over the coming years. These bold investments will help to promote the research and development of semiconductor companies in Austria and strengthen the foundations for digitalization, green energy transition, and sustainable growth.

The Austrian government and microelectronics manufacturer AT&S are pushing ahead with key projects to strengthen Europe's position in the microelectronics industry. / Picture: © ATS/Braunrath

AT&S, a global high-tech company based in Austria, is playing a central role in these efforts. The company is currently building a development and production center for interconnection technology and substrates in the high-end technological area for high-performance microprocessors at its headquarters in Leoben, which is unique in Europe. This project, known as the AT&S lighthouse project, is seen as the initial spark for the long-term establishment of microelectronics packaging technologies in Europe.

"This is particularly true for more complex, more powerful process technologies, such as the 2-nanometer chip process technologies addressed by the EU. Given the global increase in data volumes in the three-digit zettabyte range, technological progress will also have a major impact on reducing emissions and energy losses in those applications that are essential for achieving climate targets," explained AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer.

In addition to financial support from the government, AT&S's investments will also be complemented by the European IPCEI programs and the Future Chips Act. "The successful implementation of existing programs such as IPCEI Microelectronics II with correspondingly high funding commitments lays the foundation for further initiatives within the framework of the EU Chips Act, which are crucial throughout Europe," Gerstenmayer emphasized.

The AT&S CEO emphasized the urgency of political action and called for microelectronics to be given the strategic importance it already has in people's everyday lives. "We now have a unique opportunity to position Austria and Europe clearly in the fast lane," said Gerstenmayer.

Through these joint efforts by government and industry, Austria will further expand its leading position in the microelectronics industry and make a significant contribution to Europe's technological independence.