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Ametsreiter Calls for Activity

Published: August 29, 2012; 10:13 · (Vindobona)

On the occasion of the Alpbach Forum 2012, Telekom Austria´s CEO Hannes Ametsreiter underlined the necessity of implementing reforms in Austria.

Ametsreiter Calls for Activity / Picture: © Telekom Austria Group / Klaus Vyhnalek

This week, Unilever Group announced to introduce small-shaped products for the European market as poverty is expected to increase substantially there. Hannes Ametsreiter is less pessimistic. Nevertheless, there would be an absolute necessity of becoming active and implementing reforms.

Ametsreiter wants the Austrian state to have concrete goals and visions for the future. In many areas, the Austrian administration has redundancies, Telekom Austria´s CEO says. “These areas are known very well.” He says. These redundancies, which will not affect the citizens, must be abolished, Ametsreiter says.

IV´s (Federation of Austrian Industries) President Georg Kapsch reaffirmed that more future investments are needed urgently. “In order to invest for the future, cost cuts for the areas “past” and “presence” are necessary.” Kapsch underlined that the tax quota must be reduced below 40% of GDP.

Furthermore, Ametsreiter calls for promoting innovation. The Austrian state should define the fields of innovation and to implement concrete measures. Only a knowledge-based society would produce the most valuable commodity of the future: ideas. Ametsreiter calls the Austrian government to create adequate framework requirements and to support Austrian universities and research projects.

In addition, the executive wants the people to demonstrate more self-responsibility and transparency. Ametsreiter concludes: “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

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