Albrecht: „Common Collective Agreement in 2012“

People ♦ Published: June 9, 2012; 14:16 ♦ (Vindobona)

The CEO of Austrian Airlines is optimistic to achieve unified collective agreement for the whole workforce. Costs for the transfer of undertakings are expected to reach up to € 90m.

Albrecht: „Common Collective Agreement in 2012“ / Picture: © Austrian Airlines

By July, AUA´s workforce will automatically enter the own subsidiary Tyrolean. Jaan Albrecht is optimistic that the transfer of undertakings will be cheaper than expected. In total, costs will range from € 80m to € 90m, AUA´s CEO thinks. The severance payments amount to € 55m.

In total, 341 pilots and flight attendants left the airline. Albrecht promised to take back…