VSE: International Investors Dominate Vienna Stock Exchange

BusinessInvesting in Austria ♦ Published: April 12, 2016; 17:47 ♦ (Vindobona)

International institutional investors are largest group of investors on the prime market of the VSE Vienna Stock Exchange. They account for some 78 percent of institutional free float of the prime market index ATX Prime stocks, according to a study.

VSE: International investors dominate Vienna Stock Exchange / Picture: © Wiener Börse AG / VSE Vienna Stock Exchange

Austria’s leading listed companies prove to be particularly popular with international investors - around 78% of investors at the Vienna Stock Exchange are from abroad.

The largest group of investors in Austria’s leading companies come from the US, with a share of 27.65% (31 Dec. 2014: 24.6%).

Austrian institutional investors come next, with a share of 21.9% (31 Dec.…

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