Vienna Expands German Learning Support for EU Expats

CompaniesOther ♦ Published: May 8, 2023; 22:21 ♦ (Vindobona)

Are you a newly arrived EU citizen in Vienna and struggling to learn German? The good news is that the city of Vienna is expanding its language learning support program, the Wiener Sprachgutschein, to include EU citizens. This means that you will now have access to the same level of funding as non-EU citizens for German language courses.

The City of Vienna is Expanding its Offers for the German Language to EU-Citizens. / Picture: © Rexdanato

Vienna has seen a significant increase in immigration from EU countries in recent years, with over half of all newcomers arriving from within the EU. Many of these individuals are highly skilled professionals, with more than 60% holding a higher education degree.

Vice Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr acknowledges the valuable skills that these individuals bring to the Viennese job market. He believes that supporting newcomers in learning German is crucial to helping them settle in their new home and integrate into the local community. By doing so, they can contribute to the economy and mitigate the city's future labor shortages.

To achieve this goal, the city's Department of Integration and Diversity has created the StartWien program. The program offers a range of support services, including the Wiener Sprachgutschein, individual consultations, and free information sessions (Info-Module). The Sprachgutschein provides 150 euros to be used towards German language courses at certified language providers, with the voucher being valid only when combined with attendance at an Info-Module.

The StartWien website is a valuable resource for newcomers, with information and schedules for the program's various services, including instructional videos on essential topics like education and residency. More videos will be added in the coming months, covering health and employment issues.

Learning German is a critical component of settling in Vienna, and the expanded support program provides a valuable opportunity for EU citizens to access the resources they need to succeed. With the support of the StartWien program, newcomers can quickly learn the language, integrate into the community, and take advantage of the many opportunities available in Vienna.


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