Verbund Reports Mixed Results

EnergyRenewables ♦ Published: February 29, 2012; 12:52 ♦ (Vindobona)

The decline in profit by 12% in 2011 is justified with “difficult conditions in the energy market environment and the overall economy”. Sales and operating results were up substantially.

Verbund Reports Mixed Results / Picture: ©

Revenue rose 16.9% to € 3,865.4m in 2011. The operating result rose 20.9% to € 1,001.6m. The hydro coefficient, which is the measured value for the generation from run-of-river and pondage power plants, was 0.89 in 2011, or 11% below the long-term average and 10 percentage points below the prior-year figure. At an average of € 49.9/MWh, electricity prices applicable for the 2011…