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“Sebastian Kurz is Hope for Austria“

Published: February 27, 2014; 09:54 · (Vindobona)

According to Czech politician and former Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg, Kurz is intelligent, efficient and asks the right question.

“Sebastian Kurz is Hope for Austria“ / Picture: © Flickr / SPÖ Presse und Kommunikation

After former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg strongly criticized Austria for being insufficiently committed to foreign relations, he presented himself enthusiastic about the new Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. “I think he is a hope for Austria,” Schwarzenberg told Austrian Press Agency APA during his visit in Vienna.

“He is intelligent and efficient, which he proved in his previous job as State Secretary of Integration, he listens, which is a rate but important attribute in politics, and he places the right questions,” Schwarzenberg added.

The former Czech Foreign Minister pointed out that it was too early to make out a new emphasis of the Austrian foreign policy. However, according to him, Kurz “did the right thing by introducing a strategy committee, which develops a strategy for the Austrian foreign policy.” Michael Spindelegger, current Finance Minister and predecessor of Kurz, was repeatedly accused of lacking commitment in foreign politics by Schwarzenberg.

Schwarzenberg, who also functions as party leader of liberal-conservative Top09, does not consider the young age of Kurz, who is 27 years old, to be a disadvantage. “At an old age you have more experience and less ability of taking in new ideas,” he said. Despite his age, Schwarzenberg, who is 76 years old, does not consider withdrawing from politics. “Your strenghts are starting to fade for all vices at an old age. I cannot drink as much as in earlier years and the girls won’t turn around for you anymore,” Schwarzenberg said. “But malice is growing over the years and this is a great characteristic for an opposition politician,” he concluded.