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Schwarzenberg Will Not Resign as Foreign Minister

Published: January 16, 2013; 00:31 · (Vindobona)

The Czech presidential candidate and foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg announced to remain in office until the second round of the elections.

Schwarzenberg Will Not Resign as Foreign Minister / Picture: © Flickr / SPÖ Presse und Kommunikation

At the first election round, Schwarzenberg´s success came as a surprise. With 23.4%, the former Prime Minister Milos Zeman (68) went ahead. Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg achieved 23.4% of the votes. According to prior surveys, poll-takers expected not more than 11%.

The run-off election will be held between Zeman and Schwarzenberg on January 25. Until then, Schwarzenberg will not step down as minister of foreign affairs. The next steps will be discussed with Prime Minister Petr Necas, he said. Moreover, he will not give up the chairmanship of his party TOP09.

Political observers say that Zeman has better prospects than Schwarzenberg. Zeman has presented himself as alternative to the current government. Due to austerity cuts and tax increases, the Czech government has become rather unpopular in the last months.

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