PÜSPÖK and UNESCO: Empowering Climate Action through Nature Conservation and Renewable Energy

PeopleOther ♦ Published: July 25, 2023; 18:39 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian company PÜSPÖK, a rapidly growing company in the field of renewable energies, is actively committed to climate, environmental, and nature protection. By supporting the initiative "Klimapartnerschaft.at", PÜSPÖK is committed to the preservation and protection of the largest primeval forest remnant in the Alpine arc, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage "Wilderness Area Dürrenstein-Lassingtal", thus contributing to the protection of a rare ecosystem and unique biodiversity.

Lukas Püspök (Managing Director of PÜSPÖK) Nina Schönemann (Managing Director of the initiative Klimapartnerschaft.at) and Christoph Leditznig (managing chairman wilderness area) in front of the House of Wilderness in Lunz am See (f.l.nr.). / Picture: © PÜSPÖK/Theo Kust

The Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area stretches over 70 kilometers from southwestern Lower Austria to Upper Styria and is home to the last remnant of primeval forest in the Alpine arc. This 4-kilometer primary wilderness, a mixed forest of copper beech, fir, and spruce, was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in July 2017. Christoph Leditznig, the executive chairman of the Wilderness Area, explains that their goal is to protect, preserve and expand this World Heritage Site and its rare ecosystem of plants, animals, and fungi. The collaboration with PÜSPÖK as a cooperation and climate partner is seen as extremely positive.

Together with the initiative Klimapartnerschaft.at, the wilderness area Dürrenstein-Lassingtal actively works against species extinction, climate change, and CO2 emissions. The initiative is dedicated to increasing the area of near-natural forests, providing water, educational work, and research, as well as increasing biodiversity and offsetting CO2. The goal is to help slow climate change. Since only about 1% of natural forest areas remain in Central Europe, which is important for offsetting CO2, purifying drinking water, and purifying the air, Nina Schönemann, the managing director of the Klimapartnerschaft.at initiative, emphasizes how important it is for companies like PÜSPÖK to become climate partners.

PÜSPÖK as a climate partner

Lukas Püspök, the managing director of PÜSPÖK, emphasizes the importance of renewable energies for the environment and the climate. To ensure a livable earth for future generations, active nature conservation is crucial. Therefore, the company not only acts sustainably in its core business but also supports the expansion of near-natural habitats and the promotion of biodiversity. The partnership with the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area, a unique nature conservation project, fills the company with pride.

To strengthen the close ties and sense of togetherness within the company, PÜSPÖK invited its managers to a two-day excursion to the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area. In addition to the opportunity to experience the largest primeval forest in the Alps up close, the excursion also served as a team-building activity and a way to slow down everyday work. The company wants to give its employees an insight into its activities and cooperations and thus motivate them to get involved in climate and nature protection.

PÜSPÖK, a family-owned company in Burgenland, has been involved in power generation from renewable energies for more than 25 years. From development and financing to the operation of wind power and photovoltaic plants as well as repowering projects and electricity marketing, the company encompasses a wide range of expertise. Currently, PÜSPÖK supplies more than 280,000 households with clean electricity, making it one of the largest private electricity producers of renewable energy in Austria. In addition to its energy projects, the company is also committed to socially just climate and nature protection to stop climate change and leave a livable world for future generations.