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Porr´s Construction Output Shrinks

Published: October 18, 2012; 17:47 · (Vindobona)

The third-largest Austrian construction group records an increase in orders. Porr´s CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss is satisfied.

Porr´s Construction Output Shrinks / Picture: © Porr AG

In the first half year, the construction industry was characterized by the difficulties in Eastern and Southern Europe. Porr stresses that 85% of the revenues are generated in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. “In the last years, we have shifted our focus to more stable home markets.” the company states. In Eastern Europe, Porr is still participated in great projects.

In the first six months of 2012, Porr´s production came at € 1.19bn. Against the reference period of 2011, this is a decrease of 7.4%. The order situation is more satisfying. From January to July, the order intake grew by 36.3% to € 1.61bn. In total, Porr´s order stock reaches € 3.18bn. Earnings before taxes come at € 5.5m. In the reference period of 2011, Porr´s EBT came at € -1.5m.

CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss is optimistic that the company´s “selective growth policy and the optimizations” will provide substantial growth potential in the future. “The key data in the first half year are satisfying. Now, we must continue the road of success consequently.”

In the last months, Porr has implemented a strict austerity and restructuring program. According to Strauss, the austerity program shows first successes.

Today, a Porr-led consortium was awarded to build a railway tunnel in Germany. The project´s volume comes at € 635m.

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