Only Full EU-Integration Can Stabilise the Western Balkans for a Lasting Time

OrganizationsInternational Organizations ♦ Published: November 18, 2015; 17:30 ♦ (Vindobona)

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz commented on the European Commission’s progress reports, which were presented earlier this month: “Most of the Western Balkans countries’ progress on their way in direction of EU-membership is noticeable and positive. The Commission’s new methodology renders possible an improved analysis on the progress made in the respective countries in the last year. This creates a positive competition. The new progress reports also underscore that all candidate countries still have a lot of hard work before them and EU support towards this is essential. The current refugee crisis is no exception in this respect as it shows, how important the Western Balkans countries and Turkey are to Europe in tackling this particular challenge.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs Kurz: “Only full EU-integration can stabilise the Western Balkans for a lasting time” / Picture: © Flickr / The Austrian Foreign Ministry

Sebastian Kurz emphasised, concerning the EU-accession process, the economic potential of the Western Balkans countries and especially the necessity of continuing reforms as well as the fight against corruption.

“The Western Balkans countries’ economic potential is considerable. The up to now successful Berlin-Process, initiated by Chancellor Merkel, in which Austria is…