OMV Focuses on Black Sea and North Sea

EnergyOil & Gas ♦ Published: November 24, 2012; 18:27 ♦ (Vindobona)

By 2020, the Austrian oil and gas group will ship natural gas from the Black Sea to Austria. Investments in the North Sea region are being fostered.

OMV Focuses on Black Sea and North Sea / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Waerfelu [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

This year, Exxon and OMV discovered gas fields in the Romanian part of the Black Sea. In Bulgaria OMV participates in a consortium led by Total. According to management board member Jaap Huijskes, OMV will start test drillings next year. Before, the exploration works have to be finished. The production will not begin before the end of this decade, Huijskes explains.

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