ÖIAG Seeks For Partner Against Pecik

People ♦ Published: May 5, 2012; 17:29 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Austrian Industrial Holding ÖIAG, which is still the largest shareholder of Telekom Austria, wants to gain a strategic investor.

ÖIAG Seeks For Partner Against Pecik / Picture: © Telekom Austria Group 2013-Pecik_CV_English

The Austrian investor Ronny Pecik faces again resistance by ÖIAG. In order to displace the new shareholder of Telekom Austria, ÖIAG is actively looking for a strategic partner. ÖIAG even went to Russia therefore. It seems that the search for a partner is not as successful as planned, though.

On May 23, Telekom Austria holds its annual general meeting. At the moment, ÖIAG…